The Largest Extent of the Kingdom of Israel under Solomon


After the death of David, his son Solomon becomes king.

When he would not reduce the high taxation burden and treat his subjects better, the northern 10 tribes revolted and split from the kingdom. They set up their own nation of Israel, leaving only the two tribes Judah and Benjamin of the original nation being loyal to the House of David.

Israel then crowned in Shechem, Solomon's servant Jeroboam to be King over Israel.

Unfortunately he started Israel on the downward path of idolatry.

Since the magnificent House for God which Solomon built remained within Judah at Jerusalem, Jeroboam realized he could not allow the people to go to the temple for God's annual Feasts and Holy Days. He changed the calendrical observances and moved important fall Feast of Tabernacles from the 7th month to the eighth month and set up idols to worship in the north at Dan and the south at Beth-el.

Israel then started down the slippery slope which was to end in destruction of the nation, its national captivity and the withholding of the birthright for over twenty-five centuries.